Model F

Model F

You can find the specifications of this model below this page.

Length trailer 14,00  m
Length trailer and tractor 16,50  m
Length trailer and tractor fully extended 19,65  m
Width during transportation 2,55  m
Width fully extended (excluding stairs) 6,25  m
Height 4,00  m
Height with flagpoles 9,50  m
Internal height 2,95 / 2,50  m
Floor area room 1 (stage / VIP) 35  √
Floor area room 2 (office) 15  
Roof terrace 25
Floor area room 3 (beneath shed) 10
Elevator (service) 7 X
Extension external floor 76 OO
Total area (excl. extensible floor) 50
Minimum exhibition area 88
Room 1 (VIP) theatre formation 60 persons
Room 1 (VIP) reception 30 persons
Room 2 (office) no. of seats   4 persons
Roof terrace 30 persons
Weight transport
Total weight transport 21.210  kg
Maximum weight during transport 41.000  kg
Room 1 (stage / VIP)
Sliding doors of glass
Checker plate floor
Silver- coloured walls
2x permanent presentation pillars with build-in cabinet (halogen spotlights)
2x permanent cabinets with shelfs and fluorescent lighting
Permanent audio cabinet (out of sight)
Terrace heating (extra)
2 mobile cabinets (small) (red with stainless steel) O
2 mobile cabinets (medium) (red with stainless steel) O
2 counters (red with stainless steel) O
Room 2 (office)
Cabinet wall with worktable  √
Glass table  √
Permanent bench  √
Air-conditioning / heating  √
Coffee / tea corner  √
Microwave  √
Refrigerator (small)  √
Wardrobe (+/- 10 jackets)  √
Outside stairs OO
Office chairs OO
Room 3 (front side office)
Shed 9,00
2x permanent cabinets with shelfs and fluorescent lighting (red with stainless steel) X
Extension external floor (mind: excluding extra transport) OO
4 flag poles OO
Roof terrace
Party tents OO
Open module  X
Closed module
Open module with closed side walls X
Heating & Airconditioning
Heating capacity (diesel)  9 kW   √
Terrace heating 2 kW  √
Cooling capacity 3 kW  √
Power connection
Aggregate (outside location)  9 kW OO
Shore  400 volt / 32 ampère CEE  √
25-meter shore cable  5- polig / 32 ampère  CEE  √
Audio Visual 
3 x 55” LED television met satellite connection  √
1 x 32” LED television  √
DAP USB/Cd-player  √
2-zone mixing table   √
2 PD PDD1200 amplifier  √
1000 watt subwoofer  √
2x RCF art.310 speaker  √
Wireless microphone + headset  √
Laptop connection  √
Fase rail with halogen spotlights  √
Lettering area  
Roof panels OO
Glass panels (front side) OO
Glass panel front side (excl. doors) OO
Full color wrap (excl. glass panels) OO
Breedte volledig uitgeklapt (excl. trappen) OO
Entrance / exit
2x main entrance stage (open)
1x main entrance, glass doors (back door)
1x emergency exit (by the office)
Entrance: 4 stairs steps
Room 1 (VIP): stair with 3 steps and 3 stainless steel pillars
Room 2 (office): stair with 3 steps
Average construction time
The average construction time for this model is ± 120 minutes with 3 persons
Support and advice
Professional support and advice during the entire process.
Kilometers return (provisional sum, minimum)1 driver with 1 co- driver
1 driver with 1 co- driver
Truck: Mercedes Actros or similar
First 100 kilometers free of charge (return)
Liability insurance in EU- member states
No charge of promotion trailer during transport within 1500 km.
Operational days included
Setup on location, executed by coordinator and operational co- operator
Coordinator (also driver) on location *
Operational co- operator (also driver or co- driver) on location*
Liability insurance in EU-member states during the event
* With a maximum of 8 hours a day, including setup and waiting times during the event.

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